Beneath the surface of this historic city lies a tapestry of ghostly tales and eerie legends that are sure to send shivers down your spine. Here are some of our favorite stories of haunted Pittsburgh history to prepare you for the Halloween season.

entrance to the allegheny cemetary

Allegheny Cemetary

Hidden among the tombstones and serene beauty of Allegheny Cemetery, the ghost of Harry K. Thaw roams near his final resting place. This infamous figure, embroiled in the sensational murder of architect Stanford White in 1906, was declared mentally insane and committed to an asylum for years. Want to delve deeper into this eerie history? Schedule a guided tour of the cemetery grounds and discover the unsettling mysteries that lie beneath the gravestones.

exterior of the clayton mansion

The Frick House

The Frick House — former home of millionaire Henry Clay Frick — has quite a haunted history. It is said that the home harbors the lingering spirits of two women believed to be Frick family members: Helen Frick and her mother, Adelaide. Staff of the mansion have claimed to hear footsteps in the middle of the night and to see the indentation of a person on Adelaide’s bed. To perhaps witness these paranormal phenomena for yourself, book a guided tour of this impeccably preserved mansion.

entrance to green man's tunnel

Green Man’s Tunnel

Venture into the heart of South Park, where the legend of the Green Man’s Tunnel unfolds. This harrowing tale tells of “Charlie No-Face,” a tragic figure who suffered a horrific accident while climbing power lines, resulting in the loss of his eyes and nose. It is said that Charlie’s spirit roams the area at night, enveloped in an eerie green light. Additionally, chilling reports recount a gruesome hatchet murder that occurred within the tunnel, leaving behind a legacy of dread.

exterior of the national aviary

The National Aviary

The National Aviary on Pittsburgh’s North Side is not just a sanctuary for over 600 birds — it also houses spectral residents from its dark past. Built on the former site of the Western Penitentiary, which held Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, the aviary has a haunting history. Tormented souls of deceased Confederate soldiers are said to haunt the aviary’s halls, a reminder of the suffering endured within the prison’s walls.

Bridge of sighs in pittsburgh

Bridge of Sighs

The historic Bridge of Sighs, connecting the Allegheny County Courthouse to the former Allegheny County Jail, is a somber landmark with a chilling tale. Alleged killer William A. Culp took his own life in his cell while awaiting trial in 1907. His ghost was so frequently spotted that terrified prisoners in nearby cells demanded relocation, leaving behind a chilling legacy.

Foggy Night Pittsburgh

Take a Haunted Tour

To delve deeper into the city’s dark side, embark on the Haunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tour, where you can uncover stories that have been shrouded in mystery for generations. Or, if you’re eager to embark on your own ghost-hunting adventure, look to Ghosts N’at Paranormal Adventures. This local group explores some of the spookiest places in Pittsburgh and beyond, offering thrilling opportunities for the brave and the curious.

interior of foxlane model home, the nantucket

There’s Plenty of Haunted Pittsburgh History to Uncover

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