During the winter months in Delaware, residents often look ahead to the fun that Spring and Summer bring. A place that many flock to during those warmer months is the beach! While swimming, making sandcastles and enjoying ice cream are in the distant future, there is no reason to abandon the beach while it’s cold. There are still so many things to do at Delaware beaches in the Winter, especially key beaches near our Bay Front at Rehoboth and Sweetbay communities.

Let us guide you through some of the essential beaches to visit during the Winter!

Things to Do at Delaware Beaches in the Winter

  • Take a walk or hike: A great way to take in the beautiful winter scenery and get some exercise is by taking a walk or hike in one of Delaware’s many national parks. 
  • Brunch: There are plenty of restaurants to choose from while taking a winter trip to the beach. Brunch is especially popular and with the many different types of foods and warm drinks to choose from, you won’t be cold for long. 
  • Winter arts scene: From art to live music, there are many ways to leave home and be entertained during the winter.
  • Enjoy the local shops: At many Delaware beaches you can shop at local boutiques and specialty shops, which is perfect during the winter and holiday season. 

Best Places to Visit in Delaware

  • Rehoboth Beach: This beautiful beach features a boardwalk that is always busy during the warmer months. What makes it a must visit during the winter is the slower pace, allowing you to take in the restaurants and several attractions, including the Delaware History Trail. The beach also features a lot of festivals during the fall and winter seasons including the Boast the Coast event and the Rehoboth Jazz Festival
  • Bethany Beach: Also known for its boardwalk, the popular Bethany Beach has many events to take part in and sights to see. During the winter months, Bethany has shops, nature centers and preserves for those who still want to get out of the house even when it’s cold outside. 
  • Cape Henlopen State Park: One of the oldest public lands in the nation, Cape Henlopen State Park has an assortment of activities that locals take part in year round. During the winter, the state park is a haven for nature lovers. Take a walk on one of the park’s trails, bird watch or attend their Winter Wonderfest during the Christmas season.

You may think that there aren’t many things to do during the winter time at the beach, but open your mind to the beauty of a Delaware beach and all that it provides!